Book Viral Review:

Thank you to BookViral Reviews for the glowing review of The Borders of Normal, which they called:
"A well-presented and highly thought-provoking read that will challenge the most skeptical amongst us."
"well presented and highly thought-provoking"
"will challenge the most skeptical amongst us"
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Many thanks to Angel Meadows for the great interview on her internet radio show Conversations with Friends. Here is her review:
"Dr Manuel Matas was a wonderful guest, with all his formal education he talks to you and explains so that anyone can understand. He is open minded and understands outside the box thinking and experiences, because he has had many. He talks from experience and education. His book The Borders of Normal is a good read and I highly recommend it. Manuel is welcome back anytime to my show, we seemed to just have scratched the surface." Angel Meadows Radio

Great News!! My book, The Borders of Normal, received a glowing, full-page review in the alternative newspaper Enlighten Up! with The Aquarian.
Here are some quotes from the review: "Matas raises profound questions. If we conclude paranormal experiences are real, then what is reality?"
"I learned a lot from reading this book."
"This book will appeal to anyone with an open mind."
"For those used to reading pseudoscience or self-help books with their pat answers, this book can seem like opening Pandora's Box. Once you've read it, you'll never be able to see the world or yourself the same way."
"This book delivers a message of hope."
"Explains how normal the Paranormal is in our lives."
"Lots of information. Also interesting how much has been demonstrated in the past. "
Many thanks, Nancy, for your kind words.
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Amazon Reviews
***** Very interesting book! "... a very interesting book which I found refreshing. Looking forward to more books in the future! Definitely would recommend!"
"Why are we so afraid to talk about something that everyone has experienced? The Paranormal is more taboo than sex. Let us change that. #GhostsAreFriendly"
Richard R.

"I have just finished your amazing book. Well, not finished of course. I will be returning to it regularly for research, inspiration and full-on enjoyment! I loved it!! I loved that you went back and forth between physics, psychology, philosophy, etc, and day-to-day pop culture. This created a book so readable and so so much fun. Wow!!"
Mallory T.

"very comforting, totally intriguing, I'm really enjoying it."
Drew P.

"A beautifully written vastly important book. The intellectual and spiritual are so closely coupled as to form an emergent domain. I found it both inspiring and fascinating. It is a radical and unconventional work for these times."
Andrea M.

"very interesting"

"What an engrossing & fascinating experience it was, reading your book, The Borders of Normal. I thoroughly enjoyed it from cover to cover. Each of your chapters, so well researched & clearheadedly presented, was a delight. I liked your down-to-earth, conversational writing style in bringing forward these important phenomena, using natural expression, putting a scholarly text behind them, but not demanding belief from the reader. I never got bored, & never had the urge to skim. The list of references was awesome! Many thanks for having the courage to write this book. I think it's a really important contribution."
Eleanor A.

"so rich in meaning, thought provoking"
Miriam R.